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The Philippine Population Management Program aims to facilitate the achievement of sustainable economic growth in the context of sustainable development by attaining a population condition consistent with socioeconomic development, and more importantly, family well- being and development.

In particular, the program seeks to attain an appropriate level of population growth and distribution consistent with sustainable development. The program works towards creating a platform for the convergence of all institutional efforts to institute reforms and programs that can facilitate this desired condition.

In the long term, the PPMP envisions healthy, happy, progressive, and well-planned Filipino families that are actively contributing to the country's socioeconomic welfare and equitably benefiting from the fruits of such development.

The PPMP Goals and Objectives

Help couples and individuals achieve their desired timing, spacing and number of children through responsible parenting; and to contribute in improving the maternal, neonatal and child health and nutrition (MNCHN) conditions.

Promote positive and responsible sexual behaviors and effective life skills among adolescents to enable them to avoid too early sexual involvement, unintended and too early pregnancies, early marriages, and sexually transmitted infections, and the undesirable impact of these on their well-being.

Contribute to policies and programs that will help government to attain a well-managed population and well-planned families resulting in population outcomes that facilitate sustainable socioeconomic and human development.

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Base from the 2015 CENSUS of Population: 5,026,128

Basis: 2015 PGR of 1.09

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