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Regional Director

I am proud to present to you our accomplishment report for the year 2015. For this year, we have embarked remarkable prints in the lives of our people in the region bringing them closer to possibilities and achievement of their dreams.

As you will go through the pages of this report, you will see the fruits of our hardwork while we work with our partners particularly the LGUs, the media, Non-government Organizations (NGOs) and Partner Agencies (PAs).

I am moved by the steadfast desire of everyone to serve the populace and more that I felt the urge to make our programs and activities even better.

As part of that effort, we have achieved several important goals we had set out for this year. Through humanitarian efforts, the continuous conduct of orientations, trainings, community involvement, partnerships and networking in the three components of our PPMP have tangibly reached the unreachable couples, the vulnerable youth and even the elderly who we consider our lifeline.

Our LGUs, PAs, NGOs the media and other stakeholders are our supporting pillars in this success. Our accomplishments would not have been possible without this unified effort. Their engagement is truly inspiring.

We continually strive to provide more information and services so that we can expand to a greater reach of individuals, families and communities. Through it all, we will continue to focus on our people.

We cannot give up. We will not rest our laurels. We will continue to make a difference particularly on the lives of both young girls and boys, and women.

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Base from the 2015 CENSUS of Population: 5,026,128

Basis: 2015 PGR of 1.09

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