Participants were trained on how to discuss family planning methods to their clients through a role playing activity.

The Commission on Population and Development Region 1 (POPCOM) has started the Retooling Workshop of Barangay Population Volunteers/Workers (BPVs/Ws) on the Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RPFP) in Pangasinan.

It is a simultaneous undertaking of the agency that involves the discussion of the BPVs/Ws’ roles and functions to be fully aware of the principles of responsible parenthood and family planning. POPCOM Assistant Regional Director Wilma E. Ulpindo welcomed the participants and highlighted the BPV/Ws’ crucial role for modern family planning. “A BPV/W is somebody who can instill efficiency, take responsibility, and initiative towards community service,” Ulpindo said.

The retooling workshop, which would run until October 23, 2019, was also designed to provide them relevant information on responsible parenthood and family planning and the latest updates on the strategies under the National Program on Population and Family Planning (NPPFP).
The NPPFP, a major component of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health (RPRH) Law, aims to increase modern contraceptive prevalence rate (MCPR) among women and to reduce unplanned and unwanted pregnancies by enabling couples and individuals to attain their desired number of children within the context of responsible parenthood.

In pursuing this, the participants made an action plan for the schedule of “USAPAN” session targeting couples and sexually active individuals who are in need of family planning information and services in their respective barangays.

In an interview made by DWCM Aksyon Radyo Pangasinan on October 4, Ulpindo assured that POPCOM will continue to strive in giving the best family planning information and services to every Filipino family for them to be empowered and achieve a better quality of life.