World Contraception Day (WCD) is celebrated annually every 26th of September. This worldwide campaign centers around the vision where every pregnancy is wanted. Its mission is to improve the awareness on contraception and to enable the young population to make informed choices regards to their sexual and reproductive health.

The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) continues its partnership with Bayer Philippines in bringing the WCD celebration in the Philippines with the theme “It’s your life – it’s your future.” For the national celebration, POPCOM and Bayer will feature Myths and Misconceptions on the “Usap Tayo sa Family Planning” Talk Show on September 26, 2020 at 10:30 am.

“Usap Tayo sa Family Planning”, the newly launched Facebook live talk show series of POPCOM, is aimed at reaching out to more Filipinos and communicate the importance of family planning during the current crisis.

 In a statement, Usec Juan Antonio Perez III, POPCOM Executive Director, said “During this pandemic, it is still very difficult to go to the barangays for a face to face discussion and talk about family planning. We realize the need to be more creative in tapping other channels such as social media so that we can inform more Filipinos on family planning and health to uplift their well-being.”

Prior to the Usap Tayo Talk Show which calls to reaching more Filipinos during this quarantine period, POPCOM-Region I launched the BeshyTaktakan, an online interactive learning strategy which aims to deliver information on adolescent sexuality and reproductive health, family planning, population and development, and other salient current issues. It is aired live every 9 am of Wednesday and Friday.

Since its launch on June, BeshyTaktakan has been an instrumental tool in delivering relevant information that affects not only the adolescents but also children and adults in the region. Guests from regional partner agencies are invited for its special episodes every Friday. Anyone with a mobile phone equipped with an internet connection can easily watch the live episodes through POPCOM-Region I’s Official Facebook Page and even interact with the hosts and guests through the comment section of the live post.

For its WCD celebration, the September 25, 2020 episode of BeshyTaktakan will feature POPCOM-I Regional Director Erma R. Yapit and Assistant Regional Director Wilma E. Ulpindo to talk on the celebration and the importance of contraception especially during a pandemic.

POPCOM-I, through its Health and Wellness Clinic, will also continue to provide free family planning information and services such as Progestin Sub-dermal Implant (PSI) insertion to walk in and referred clients. It is open every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM for your family planning needs and services. You may reach us through the Commission on Population and Development-Region I Official Facebook Page or you may text or call us through these numbers: (072) 607-3334 / (072) 607-0904 / 0192-5253464 / 0995-7395142.