The Commission on Population and Development-Regional Office I continues to provide and extend its services to the people amidst the threat of the Covid-19 virus and the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the region.

Advocacy programs of the agency are being disseminated with taglines and precautionary messages aligned to the prevention of the Covid-19 spread. Online platforms such as the Facebook are used to keep people abreast of the current initiatives of the agency particularly on family planning.

POPCOM Usec. Dr. Juan Antonio A. Perez III said, “kung hindi tayo magpatuloy ng programa natin sa family planning, dadami and bilang ng mga unplanned pregnancies.” He even stressed that during natural calamities like that of the Yolanda in 2013, the increase of population is highly possible during lockdown as couples have more intimate time with their partners at home. This scenario will eventually lead to more serious problems on unwanted pregnancies, risky maternal and child health and economic problem as there will be more mouths to feed.

It is during this time that the program of POPCOM on family planning is highly strengthened to ensure the well-being and overall health of the Filipino people especially among highly-populated areas and among the younger population. The continuous provision and replenishment of family planning contraceptives is coordinated among the local government units mobilizing its provincial, municipal, city and barangay population workers and volunteers to do the house-to-house distribution and monitoring. POPCOM family planning hotline numbers are also posted online for easier access and response as it is deemed necessary to keep the local health units as well as the local health and population partners prepared and well-supplied.

Moreover, the agency maximizes the use of the social media where relevant videos and other advocacy materials are uploaded for public viewing and consumption. This initiative significantly raises public awareness on the various programs that the agency undertake.

On the other hand, Usec. Perez also mentioned the “possible positive result” of the enhanced quarantine and lockdown. Young people are prevented to engage in risky sexual activities that may result to the decline of early pregnancy, spread of STI, HIV, AIDS and other health-related problems because they are required to stay at home under the supervision of their parents.

POPCOM enables all its resources to ensure that quality service is never compromised.