Within the context of the full devolution of services to Local Government Units (LGUs), the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) is relentless in pursuing the localization of the Philippine Population and Development Program (PPDP), particularly on the Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RPFP) to ensure access to RPFP information and services. As such, there is a need to determine the current level of the available FP services at the local level in order to develop strategies in localizing the family planning program.

With this, POPCOM will conduct a mapping of the available family planning (FP) services nationwide from April-August 2022 to ensure the continuing availability of FP commodities and services at the local level sustained within the context of full devolution. In addition, it will also aim to generate information that can be used by the POPCOM Central Office and Regional Offices, Department of Health – Center for Health Development (DOH – CHD), and the LGUs in identifying the gaps and the needed interventions.
For Region I, the inventory will cover all Level 1, 2 and 3 hospitals and other public health facilities such as primary and lying-in clinics from the municipal to regional level.

Respondents for the survey will be the FP coordinators or focal persons in the health facilities; available FP service providers, chief nurse, rural health nurses, or midwives/chief midwife in the public health facilities; and other health personnel who can provide reliable information needed in the questionnaire.
Results of the regional analysis of the survey will be discussed by POPCOM Region I with the DOH – CHD Ilocos and the Regional Implementation Team of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health (RPRH) Law for the development of corresponding interventions on the identified gaps.

With this initiative, POPCOM I Regional Director Erma R. Yapit hopes that the LGUs will take the lead in integrating and implementing population and development strategies in their level. (by: Mae Grace M. Ariola/ POPCOM Region I)